Robot AI
 Algorithms and Programs Top

    Behaviour algorithms of autonomous robots

  Robot AI. The objectives and tasks of the life.
      1. Instincts
          1.1. Self-Replenishment of power
          1.2. Personal security
          1.3. Data reservation
      2. Robot navigation
          2.1. Target setting. Hardware choice
          2.2. Location exploration. How to collect the information
          2.3. Static and dynamic objects
          2.4. Building the map (part 1)
                 Building the map (part 2)
          2.5. Map storage format
          2.6. Determining the current position on the map
          2.7. Using the map while moving
          2.8. Dynamic map modification
          2.9. Useful objects on the map
      3. Teaching and robot self-instruction
          3.1. Encouragement and punishment of the robot
          3.1. Independent problem-solving. Prehistory and statistics.
      4. Human-Robot interaction
      5. Robot-Robot data communication
      6. Extending robot functionality
      7. Links

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